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About Us

HPLUS+ COMERCIO FARMACÉUTICO INTERNACIONAL S.A. (HPLUS+) is the Hefame Group company RESPONSIBLE for all the INTERNATIONAL activity of Grupo Hefame 2024.

Outside Europe

Hplus+ carries out the registration, distribution and marketing of pharmaceutical products and Interapothek in countries outside the European Economic Area.

Based on the large production capacity of the Spanish and Portuguese industry, we make agreements with national laboratories facilitating their internationalization. We offer products adapted to the needs of each market, maintaining competitive conditions and reducing delivery times.

A long trajectory of more than 35 years in international markets endorses our solidity, experience and professionalism; together with an excellent team of people capable of adapting to the singularities of all markets.

Hplus+ is the benchmark in this work of internationalization of the pharmaceutical industry in Spain and Portugal on the 5 continents.


Spain and Portugal.
Specialized Pharmaceutical Distribution.

HPLUS+ and DISFAPORT are distributors in Spain and Portugal of specialized pharmaceutical products for sale to hospitals, pharmacies, wholesalers, health centers and other agents in the pharmaceutical sector.

We offer comprehensive services to laboratories/manufacturers interested in marketing their products in the Spanish market.

  • Storage and stock management.

  • Picking and preparation of orders.

  • Temperature-controlled transport and delivery to hospitals, pharmacies,distributors and healthcare facilities.

  • Direct and indirect billing.

  • Document management.

  • Customer Support.

  • Regulatory, local representation and pharmacovigilance services.

  • Promotion and sales services to pharmacies, hospitals, health centers and other agents, specialized through various collaborating partners.

    We are suppliers of the public network of hospitals of MEDICINES IN SPECIAL SITUATIONS (MSE) coordinated by the Spanish Medicines Agency (AEMPS) distributing foreign medication; obtaining for patients in the Spanish health network those medicines that are not available through the usual channels or in short supply.

    Our great team is able to process orders on a daily basis, offering deliveries within 24/72 hours of receiving orders.

    Companies that offer logistics services




    HPLUS+ distributes at European level, representing pharmacy and dermocosmetic products manufactured in Spain and abroad in various markets.

    HPLUS+ has product registration, distribution and marketing activities; offering promotional services in the European Economic Area market. Mutual recognition and national registrations, distribution in pharmacies and hospital tenders; as well as marketing and promotion with a sales force with local partners.Likewise, HPLUS+ has, through its subsidiary DISFAPORT, domestic distribution in Portugal with daily service to pharmacies and product representation in Portuguese territory, with a sales force and national coverage.


    Servicios logísticos, almacenamiento, picking,
    preparación de pedidos
    y entrega.


    Servicios adicionales de facturación y cobro a cliente final.


    Servicios de representación local ante las autoridades sanitarias. Almacén por contrato.

    Empresas que ofrecen servicios logísticos




    Interapothek is the pharmacy brand that was born in 1997, under the control and supervision of pharmacists who were looking for an exclusive brand for their establishments, which would allow them to recommend products to their consumers with the guarantees and quality of a pharmaceutical brand.

    In its beginnings with a very limited portfolio of products, it has grown over the years to cover a wide range of different pharmacy categories and more than 700 different products: body care, cosmetics, oral hygiene, baby hygiene, nutrition, phytotherapy, optics, sunglasses and presbyopia, sun protection, sweets and chewing gum and health.

    Interapothek is working to continue to include new and attractive products in its catalogue.



    ia Body

    Shower gels.
    Moisturizing milks.
    Hair care.
    Foot care.
    Hand care.
    Lip care.
    Body treatment.
    Intimate hygiene.

    ia Health

    First aid kit.Earplugs.
    Dressings, plasters and bandages.
    Masks.Bicarbonate and sweetener.
    Insect repellents.
    Pediculicide treatment.

    ia Baby

    Baby hygiene.
    Infant hygiene accessories.

    ia Dental


    ia Cosmetics

    Grape water.
    Regenerating line with Rosehip.
    Facial cleansing. Ampoules.
    Promotional packs.
    Male treatment.
    Oily skin.

    ia Sun

    Body treatment.
    Promotional packs.
    Post-sun treatment.
    Paediatric treatment.

    ia Sweets


    ia Nutrition

    Female metabolism.
    Cardiovascular system.
    Nervous system.
    Joint and muscular system
    Digestive system.
    Metabolism figure.
    Skin and mucous membranes.

    ia Optics

    Eye hygiene.

    ia Phytotherapy

    Digestive system.
    Weight management.

    ia View


    ia Kids

    Child hygiene.
    Infant hygiene accessories.